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Cheap Car Hire Inverness Train Station

If you are looking for a car hire service in Inverness, you have reached the right place. We are a family run business enterprise and hold 41 years’ worth of experience and expertise in this industry. At Jack’s Self Drive we know what our customers need and expectations are when it comes to car rental in Inverness. We have a diverse collection of branded automobiles, like Audi, Renault, Volkswagen and many more, for your various needs at reasonable and affordable prices. We have cars of sizes ranging from 3-5 door small cars to 7 seat estate cars, catering to all your needs.

Whether you’re landing in the city and need a car to explore the town or for taking care of business; or it might be that your car has broken down and need a temporary replacement for a couple of days, we are here to help you out in these situations by providing best services and hence known as the perfect car hire Inverness train station.

Our pricing policy is competitive and extremely reasonable. If you’re looking for a cheap car hire Inverness, there isn’t a better place you can go to. You can get a price quote from our polite and efficient representatives over the phone. The price quote will be according to the brand and size of your preference. Also, we deliver the cars to our customers, with a full fuel tank. So, if you refill the fuel tank while returning the car, we don’t charge you anything under fuel charges. Our mileage limit is of 200 miles per day or 1000 miles per week. If you require a larger allowance on mileage, that can be discussed and arranged accordingly for you.

Wedding Car Hire in Inverness

We are widely known for providing a very popular wedding and premium car hire in London and Inverness. We provide high end luxury cars as part of our wedding car service to make your wedding day a little bit more special. All our cars are washed and well polished before being delivered, they can also be decorated with flowers, ribbons and bows in a variety of colours if you desire. If there is anything else you'd like in terms of decorations please contact us, we will try our best to make it happen.

We also offer a meet and greet car hire service from the Inverness airport. Our representatives will meet you at the airport at your arrival and deliver the car to you. Our airport car hire in Inverness, car hire Inverness train station and wedding car hire Inverness services are designed to be efficient and provide our customers with the best experience possible.

For more information, please feel free to contact us today for a no fee no obligation quotation.

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